Welcome To The Colorful World Of MASTERBATCH

We are specialists in the colouring and refining of thermoplastics. We offer colour masterbatches, additive masterbatches and combined masterbatches.


We offer extensive range of white and black master batches for whole spectrum of applications. Such applications range from pipes, cables, packaging films to the injection moulding of electronic parts, where high level of gloss properties and excellent dispersion are required. In addition to the standard programme of white and black, we can satisfy customer-specific requirements for instances, applications with special carrier polymers or the integration of other additives.  


Our experience in the production of colour masterbatches is reflected in an outstanding way by our comprehensive library of colour and polymer combinations. Upon request, our colour masterbatch is adapted to conform exactly to specific customer requirements. In several application areas, we are the global market leader with our premiumquality colour masterbatch and can boast a high level of appreciation on the part of numerous international top-level brands from the food, cosmetics and lifestyle industries.


In addition to the colouration of plastics, we are specialists in the finishing of plastics with functional additives. Countless additive and polymer combinations, ranging from antiblock masterbatches to laser additives to UV stabilisers, make up our constantly growing range of products, which is continually adapted to meet the needs of the market. In the area of flameretardant equipment for a wide variety of plastic products, our flameretardant masterbatch is considered the benchmark.


Our knowledge and experience from many years of producing colour and additive asterbatch has been put to optimal use in our combined masterbatch products. The result is a multitude of ready-made formulas featuring the following advantages in comparison with individual products: